A Show for Everyone

April 26-28 2019

Show Times:

Friday 5pm—8pm

Saturday 10am—5pm

Sunday 10am—3pm


Doors Open:








We first did the Trade Show a couple of years ago and so glad we did.  We have a lot of fun chatting up with the other vendors and all the people walking through.  Most of them didn’t know exactly what we did so we would take the time and explain. And we were there for them to answer all their questions.  Lots coming through mentioned they had seen our vehicles around town and compliments of our staff were flowing in. Trade show is a great way to get your company out there, big or small J

Valet Retorations

Connecting with the community, other businesses, past and present clients and generating new clients…. All great reasons why RE/MAX Home Advantage will be participating again this year.

Lorene MacGregor

Realtor, Remax

“The trade show is a great platform to showcase your product or service, offering something from every industry (food, trinkets, renovation supplies & services, local activities, etc). The public turn out for the show is incredible and therefore offers lots of exposure to a wide range of demographics.  The trade show is well organized and after hour vendor events make a nice touch for all the people that are involved with the show.  We will definitely be involved for years to come!!”


I love the Trade Show!  I have participated for the past two years and have so much fun!

Being a small at-home business, encouragement from the awesome ladies at the Chamber of Commerce gave me the push I needed to give it a shot and go in the Trade Show.  I don’t regret it for a minute J  I’m getting recognized now around town, repeat customers and meeting so many wonderful people, including the vendors.  And I sold a ton of my bags and wallets which was just icing on the cake. The Trade Show was the best thing I could have done for my business, now having product in a couple local retailers J AND the best part was being set up beside our family business, Valet Restorations, so we could work both booths.

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